If you are about to start child counseling -let’s talk!

You finally decided to pull the trigger and start child counseling. But how do you spot a good child therapist? I'll give you the inside scoop!

You thought the decision to start child counseling was hard enough, but how are you supposed to know what makes a good child therapist? You are about to partner with a stranger to help you parent. Gulp. That’s a bit scary. Maybe it took a lot of convincing to get your bundle of nerves to agree to see a therapist. Maybe you have one shot at making this work. How do you know this is the one. The one that can reach your kid. The one that can turn what has become a chaotic home into a semblance of what it used to be? That’s a lot of pressure for both you and the therapist!


Who knows the best teachers at your child’s school? The other teachers. That’s right. You want to get a good teacher for the next year, the best person to ask is another teacher.


Just like other professions, child therapists are a varied bunch. We all have different degrees, different backgrounds and a huge array of approaches depending on our background and our personality. 


You want the skinny on how to spot a good child therapist a mile away? You’re in luck, I happen to know that job pretty well. Let’s talk. Press play below. Don’t have time? Hit subscribe and watch me later.




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