What to Do When Anxiety Gives Your Child a Bad Attitude

Your child stands there with their arms crossed. This is dumb. This is stupid. I don’t want to go. You never. She never. I never. It’s not fair. You’re not fair. Life is not fair. I hate this. I hate her. I hate you. It is as if someone hijacked your sweet child and replaced them with a ball of negativity. A ball of black darkness that you want to run and hide from. A ball of bad attitude that has the power of permeating your house and everyone in it.

Sometimes children with anxiety and OCD can be so bogged down with stress they develop a bad attitude. Learn how to help your child find the sparkle in life again.

Child anxiety and OCD not only overwhelms a child, but it can sour a child. It can suck the joy out of everything, leaving behind a child who is so miserable, they rarely see the sparkle of life anymore.

So how do you help a child whose anxiety has given them a bad attitude? You can start with these suggestions…

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