How to Not Accommodate Your Child’s Anxiety or OCD with Eli Lebowitz

Anxiety and OCD is a family affair. The anxiety and OCD will hook you in, talk to you and get you to grow it. Learning how to identify how you are accommodating your child’s anxiety or OCD is key to their long-term success.


Learn to pull back accommodations so you don’t grow your child’s anxiety or OCD in my interview with Space Program Creator Dr. Eli Lebowitz.

I’m honored to have Dr. Eli Lebowitz on as a guest in this week’s episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast. He is a pioneer in anxiety and OCD treatment and the creator of the SPACE Program, an innovative therapeutic approach that focuses solely on what the parent can do to improve their child’s anxiety or OCD.

To learn more about the Eli Lebowitz and the SPACE Program click here.

You can pre-order his new book, Breaking Free of Child Anxiety or OCD: A Scientifically Proven Program for Parents, by clicking the book below:


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