How to Help Kids Survive When Changing Schools!

There were three words in my childhood that could make my heart stop. You’re – Changing – Schools! “Not again!” I would plead. I used to think that changing schools was as close to death as one could get. It was an unwelcomed restart in a life that would prefer to be uninterrupted. My parents were as cavalier about moving as they were about taking the trash out. It needed to happen and happen often.

Is your child changing schools? Changing schools can be a traumatic experience for kids. Spare your child the drama and prepare them with these tips!


Yes, changing schools happens. Life happens. But there are things parents can do to help their kids through this change. Do you want to know the secret sauce to helping kids change schools? Take it from an ex-kid who moved often and was “the new kid” way more than she ever wanted to be:

Books on Changing Schools: