How Focusing on Anxiety Causes Anxiety (and What to Do About it)!

Knock Knock. Whose there? Anxiety! Anxiety loves to come knocking on your child’s door. In fact the very act of focusing on anxiety, causes anxiety to dig it’s claws deeper! That’s just cruel. So how do you help your child not focus on something that is wanting – no, DEMANDING their attention?

Anxiety loves for us to focus on it! The hard part is – when we focus on it, actually causes anxiety to dig it’s claws deeper. Teach your child to refocus their attention, even when anxiety is pounding at the door!

Acceptance and refocus are key.

When we deny anxiety – anxiety grows bigger (trust me, I know this from personal experience). The first step is recognizing that anxiety is knocking on the door. We can’t control who shows up at the door, but what we do after that is a game changer.

Do we open the door and invite anxiety over for dinner?

Or rather do we accept that anxiety is showing up, but we refocus our attention and keep anxiety out in the cold.

This is a simple concept, but a hard skill to master.

In this week’s Kids Youtube Video I talk to kids about this concept and teach them how to recognize and accept anxiety, without inviting it in.

If you didn’t catch my Podcast Interview with Jodi Ayman this week – we talk further about this topic. We explore how mindfulness is a great tool to beat anxious thoughts. You can listen to it here or watch it on Youtube here.

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