Having a child with anxiety can be a lonely, desperate feeling. Friends and family may not fully understand your child’s struggles. Child anxiety is often misunderstood.

Parents are blamed. Children are blamed. Partners are blamed.

Child anxiety is not caused by poor parenting – anxiety has a strong genetic component. What parents of anxious children need more than anything else is support and guidance.

The all time 15 best articles on child anxiety from around the web!So in that vein, I have scoured the internet for the absolute best articles on child anxiety. What a wealth of support and guidance I found!


Below are the best of the best articles on child anxiety. Roll up your sleeves and get cozy – these are some good ones!



1. Hey Sigmund talks about Anxiety in Kids. How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life


Psychologist, Karen Young offers tips on how to explain anxiety to your child. This is by far the best explanation of anxiety I have found on the web. Her article is not only helpful for children – it is helpful for those well-intentioned friends and family who do not “get” anxiety. This article reserves a permanent spot in my bookmarked favorites.


2. Hey Sigmund teaches us about Building Emotional Intelligence: What to Say to Children with Anxiety


Yes, Hey Sigmund again! This site has many gems and this is yet another one. This article discusses what to say to your child when they are experiencing anxiety. She crafts beautiful, nurturing and empowering language to comfort, support and uplift your child.


3. A creative approach from Go Zen: 4 Jedi Mindfulness Tricks to Help an Anxious Child


This is one of my favorite approaches for child anxiety. Go Zen talks about teaching children how to work through their anxiety, not suppress it. She talks about teaching children mindfulness and living in the moment!


I love the Star Wars analogy she uses with this approach. If your child loves Star Wars – this is a great way to teach coping mechanisms. This is by far the most creative approach to helping children through anxiety.



4. Lemon Lime Adventures offers 15 Ways to Calm an Anxious Child When Words Don’t Work

If you have an anxious child – you know that sometimes words are just not enough! Lemon Lime Adventures offers 15 wonderful alternatives to help your anxious child in those moments. From singing to massaging – this is a great list of ways to help your child when talking just isn’t going to cut it. This is an article I would print out and keep in a drawer for those desperate times!


Also check out Lemon Lime Adventure’s new 10 day email series on how to calm an anxious child!



5. Imperfect Families asks, Do you Make This Mistake with Your Anxious Child?

Nicole Schwarz, family therapist and parenting coach, talks about a key component to helping our anxious children – not enabling their fears. This is one of the hardest challenges when parenting an anxious child.

She does a perfect job explaining anxiety and has a wonderful infographic of an anxiety arch – showing exactly how anxiety works. She talks about how it is important for children to work through their anxieties – not avoid them.

As always, she writes with compassion and understanding for the parental struggle.




6. Sleeping Should Be Easy talks about Anxiety in Children

Sleeping Should Be Easy provides us with some spot on tips on day-to-day living with an anxious child. If you need a quick blueprint on how to best parent an anxious child – this would be it! She summarizes much of what I teach parents in my child therapy practice.


(affil link)


7. Tamar Chansky’s discusses How to Correct Your Anxious Child


Tamar Chansky is the author of one of my favorite child anxiety books, Freeing Your Child from Anxiety. Correcting an anxious child can sometimes feel like more trouble than it is worth. Sensitive children have a hard time accepting redirection.


Dr. Chansky recommends not shying away from correcting your child. Instead, she offers a wealth of suggestions on how and why to correct your anxious kids. 



8. The Reformed Idealist Mom provides us with 8 Surefire Ways to Calm an Anxious Kid

Kelly, at The Reformed Idealist Mom offers us a window into the world of a child that is going through a life change. Major life changes like divorce, relocations and grief can cause major upheaval in an anxious child.


Kelly shares her experiences along with her many insights on how to help a child who is going through these changes. She has quite a few unique and helpful suggestions!




9. For a great list of resources from around the web, check out One Time Through’s Tips to Support Kids Experiencing Anxiety

This is a wonderful collection of insights and creative ideas from around the web – along with One Time Through’s own experiences and suggestions. She provides us with a great compilation of helpful resources that will provide hours of informative reading!



10. Imagination Soup reveals – Our Daughter’s Anxiety Connected to Sensory Processing Disorder

There is a huge correlation between sensory processing disorder and anxiety. Many parents and even professionals do not fully understand this connection. As a child therapist and a mom to a child who has both – I get it. And so does Melissa Taylor over at Imagination Soup!



11. Barbie, Bieber and Beyond helps us learn How to Recognize if Your Child has an Anxiety Disorder

Mandy, from Barbie, Bieber and Beyond sheds light on how grief can trigger debilitating anxiety. She shares the story of her own child and her journey into a world of anxiety after experiencing loss. She discusses what signs to look for when your child might be experiencing General Anxiety Disorder.



12. Real Life at Home talks about Teaching Kids with Anxiety: Caution! Volcano May Erupt Any Time

This is a great article over at Real Life at Home. One of my favorites. Why? Because sometimes anxiety hides behind an angry, volatile, rigid child.


Becky, from This Reading Mama shares the story of her son – and her aha moment when she learned his behavior was caused by anxiety. She goes on to share invaluable tips that she implemented to help her child reach beyond the anger – and address the anxiety beneath.



13. Raising Life Long Learners talks about Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety

Raising Life Long Learners brings up an important link between gifted children and anxiety. She talks about the impact anxiety can have on gifted children and the unique struggles that can occur when you are gifted and anxious.



14. Mosswood Connections offers their Tips for Soothing an Anxious Child

Mosswood Connections has a wealth of knowledge and resources on their site! In this article they offer very helpful approaches that you can use at home with your anxious child. I love their suggestions and have used them in my practice as well.




15. Toddler Approved talks about Dealing with Anxiety in Kids

Kristina, over at Toddler Approved talks about her own daughter’s struggles with anxiety and offers great suggestions on how to help your child when they feel anxious.


I love her tips on how to handle a child when they get overwhelmed in social situations. If your anxious child is going into a new social setting – this is an invaluable article!

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In less than two hours you will walk away with a complete understanding of anxiety and a step-by-step plan on how to help your child feel empowered and armed with life-long coping mechanisms.


Natasha Daniels is a child therapist and a mom to three. She is also the author of How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler available on Amazon.

A must-read for anyone who has or works with anxious toddlers!


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