Helping Kids See the Benefits of Child Therapy

You made the decision that your child needs therapy. You talked to your partner about the benefits of child therapy and you are finally in agreement. You scoured your area for a good therapist. But now, your kid is refusing to go.

Many kids are nervous or resistant to seeing a child therapist. In this Youtube video I talk to kids about the benefits of child therapy

They tell you they don’t need therapy!


They aren’t crazy.

They can talk to you!

They won’t talk to a stranger!

They don’t know what they’ll say.

They don’t want someone messing with their brain.


I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why kids refuse to go into therapy. It can be frustrating for parents who just want to get their kids the help they need.


So how do you get them to go? You can start by addressing their concerns and shattering the myths of therapy.


My latest kids Youtube video talks to kids directly about what therapy is and what it isn’t. I hope it help!


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