Beating OCD or Anxiety Starts with Accepting This

So much of anxiety or OCD is the illusion of control. 

In this week’s YouTube video I talk to kids and teens about beat ocd or anxiety by accepting they have less control.If I do this, then nothing bad will happen.

If I wash enough, I won’t get contaminated.

If I say this in my head, the discomfort will go away.

If I ask this question (again), then I’ll feel reassured.

The only problem is we don’t have control. We can’t prevent all bad things from happening, no matter how safe we try to be. We can’t rid ourselves of “contaminations” if OCD says they are still there. We can’t be reassured 100% that it won’t or can’t happen, because there is a chance it can.

When our kids learn they have less control than what anxiety or OCD wants them to believe, they can be empowered to start to let go.

They can let go of that tight grip that gives them a false sense of control. They can let go of the illusion that they are fully at the helm.

In this week’s Youtube video I talk to kids and teens about how anxiety or OCD lies to them and makes them think they have more control than they do – more control than any of us do. I discuss how when they accept that none of us have control, anxiety and OCD will lose their power.

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