How to help kids who fear trying new things

In this first episode we tackle a few questions. First, how can you help your child who is afraid to try new things? I also answer the question, “Can children be born anxious.” Last, I will discuss how a pre-school teacher can help a shy child play with his peers. Roll up your sleeves, let’s get started!




On this episode of Ask the Therapist, we talk about how to help kids when they are scared to try new things.

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2 responses to “Ask the Child Therapist Episode 1: How to Help Kids Who Fear Trying New Things”

  1. Kathleen A.Cummings says:

    Our grandson as tics off and on sometimes for weeks or for days . He doesn’t like to be touched by anyone grandparents mom dad but by us more . He thinks evert hinges is a joke and he is very funny all the time . He throws things at us and laughs or hurts us or cousin for fun . When asked he said oh I am only joking and his cousin is five and very sweet and just wants to enjoy playing with his cousin but ends up defending himself by avoiding him or walking away from screaming cousin because he doesn’t share his stuff very well . It’s nerve racking for us and his dad thinks it’s just kid stuff . He is 8 years old and a bright chld notes come home from school for bullying but he only wants to play but he plays hard and hurts kids and said he is joking . He only see kids at school and played soccer since four but really doesn’t want to even though he’s good at it . My question is what is your opinion about this . He never liked to be touched from the time he was born don’t like hugs or a kiss or any affection unless he’s tired but still just will sit with you for a story a game like that . He is a big story teller and loves to hear stories about real life happenings . Loves science rocks plants dinosaurs and anything animal related . He loves Maria arts with dad and social studies . Behaving is hard for him and as long as he is the center of attraction he’s great . But he has always been this way . He helps kids in class if they don’t know how to go a math problem or something like this . He likes writing stories and pics. Both parents are in the science field . Any suggestions on this subject . He seems in mature for his age .

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      Unfortunately it is hard to assess children or give my opinion without meeting them. I would recommend that his parents take him for an assessment with a child therapist. If he is getting in trouble at school for bullying and he is socially unaware of what he is doing, he might need some extra help. A child therapist can give him some tools to differentiate what is a “joke” and what is aggressive. They can also help his parents develop tools to help him at home.

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