What Story is Your Child Telling Themselves About Their Anxiety or OCD?

When we have anxiety or OCD, we tell ourselves a story. What story is your child or teen telling themselves? Is it a story where they are the victim, constantly being beaten down by a beast they cannot control? Is it a story of blame, blaming people and places around them? Are they the villain, tearing themselves down, beating themselves up? 

What story is your child telling themselves about their anxiety or OCD? In this week’s video we talk about the stories we tell ourselves about anxiety and OCD and why it matters.

Or is it a story of an imperfectly perfect superhero? A superhero who shows up to difficult challenges each day and tries to do hard things? 

We all get to be the author of our own story. What story are they writing?

In this week’s Youtube video I talk to kids and teens about the story and how they get to choose how the story is told.


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