Want to Give Your Kids Anxiety Relief? Teach Them To Do This.

Part 3 in a 5 Part Series

It sucks watching kids struggle with anxiety. Parents try all sorts of things to help, but often they are missing this key step. Forget about your breathing exercises, aromatherapy and distraction techniques. If you don’t teach your kids this, your anxious kids will never experience anxiety relief.

It sucks watching kids struggle with anxiety. Parents try all sorts of things to give their kids anxiety relief, but they are often missing this key step.


Children with anxiety get long-term anxiety relief when they show up to the anxiety battle. There is a war being waged in their brain. A war they need to show up for. Ignoring, distracting or minimizing the battle isn’t going to help.


So how are you supposed to give your child some anxiety relief? It’s actually quite simple and honestly, I’m not going to wow you with this. Simply put, your child needs to fight those irrational thoughts.


Kids with child anxiety are bombarded all day long with irrational fears and worries. I encourage children with anxiety and even teens with anxiety to name their anxiety. I talk about this approach in Part 2 of this series. If you missed it go back and watch it first.


So let’s say your kid has a “Dictator,” “Mr. Worry” or “Worry Cloud” bothering them. Their Worry Cloud is ringing their worry bell all day long. He’s only supposed to ring it when there is an emergency. He completely sucks at his job.


Your anxious child needs to realize that their Worry Cloud rings the worry bell too much and is almost always wrong.


When you teach your kids this approach, they start to understand how anxiety works in the brain.


Teach your kids that the Worry Cloud will give them “red thoughts,” thoughts that make them feel anxious.


It is a false alarm. Their Worry Cloud is making a mistake.


Teach your kids that the best way to turn off the annoying false alarm is to bombard it with “green thoughts, “thoughts that are rational and make more sense.


This approach is using basic principles from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.


Let’s look at what I am talking about. Put down your calming oils, stop your deep breathing exercises (just for now) and watch this video:




This is Part 3 of a 5 Part Series on child anxiety. If you missed Part 1 and 2 check it out here.


Part 1 talks about unusual signs of anxiety in Children. Part 2 talks about the importance of naming your child’s anxiety. Coming up next in Part 4 – how to set up anxiety challenge exercises at home to crush your child’s anxiety. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the rest of the series!


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