How to Help Kids Handle Rage Caused by Anxiety or OCD

Imagine you are in a room full of snakes. You are told to go to the other side of the room to take the trash out. You might be pretty oppositional about the request. You might shout back. You might even go ballistic. Anxiety or OCD can feel the same way. Our kids are under an enormous amount of invisible pressure. They are often going through their school day full of metaphorical land mines. All too often these kids explode at home.

Anxiety or OCD can cause an enormous amount of stress that can turn into rage. In this week’s youtube video I teach kids how to handle this rage.

So how do you help kids with anxiety or OCD handle their stress? I have some ideas. In this week’s episode of Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition I talk directly to kids about the build up of stress anxiety or OCD can cause and how they can handle the rage that pours out of them.


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