Should You Tell Your Child They Have Anxiety or OCD?

Many parents worry about telling their child they have anxiety or OCD. Some worry about potentially labeling their kids. Some worry that it will make their child feel different. Others worry about the stigma the child will face.

Should you tell your child they have anxiety or OCD? Is it harmful for them to read stories of other kids with anxiety or OCD? Let's dive in!

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival episode, I dive deep into the pros and cons of telling your child that they have anxiety or OCD.

I also explore the pros and cons of reading children’s books with various anxiety or OCD themes. Many parents worry that exposing a child to other anxiety or OCD themes, will cause them to “catch” new themes and make their struggles worse.

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Resources Discussed in Podcast:

Unstuck: an OCD Kids Movie 
Practice Being Brave: Owning my OCD
What to Do When I Worry too Much
What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck
Outsmarting Worry
The ACT Workbook for Teens with OCD
Stuff That’s Loud

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