Do You Worry If Your Child’s Progress Will Last with Anxiety or OCD?

Anxiety and OCD can take its toll. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and traumatizing for the whole family. So, when your child starts to make some big improvements, it’s normal to be worried about how long it will last. It’s normal to doubt the progress. You might ask yourself, “Is this for real? Is this the new normal?”

Do you worry how long your child's progress will last with their anxiety or OCD? In this episode I talk about how to soak up progress and let worries go.

Many of us live waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am TOTALLY guilty of this. Luckily, I have a husband who auto-corrects my anxious mind. I also work everyday to re-frame my catastrophic thinking.

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I am talking about how to soak up your child’s success without living in the future of What if’s.


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