Does Your Child Try to Hide Their Anxiety or OCD?

It’s boring. It’s stupid. I just don’t want to go. I am tired. It’s a habit. It’s just something I do. It’s not anxiety. It’s not Ocd. You think everything is anxiety or OCD.

Does that sound familiar?

Does your child make excuses for their anxiety or OCD? In this week’s kids Youtube video I teach kids how to be honest with themselves and those closest to them.

Often kids hide their anxiety or OCD issues. They might come up with other reasons why they need to avoid things. Or they might dismiss new or odd behavior as a habit or preference.

Anxiety and OCD love to hide. They love to go unnoticed. Unfortunately when kids stop calling out their anxiety or OCD, it has the potential to grow much bigger.

That is why in this week’s Kids Youtube video I am talking directly to kids on how to stop making excuses for anxiety or OCD and be open to themselves and those closest to them about what is really going on.


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