PSP 100: Is a Medical Condition Causing My Child’s Anxiety or OCD?!

You hear about these stories all the time. My son was fine until he woke up one day with OCD. Or – after an infection my child developed debilitating anxiety. There has been growing buzz around what may be causing anxiety or OCD.

Do you wonder if a medical condition is at the root of your child’s anxiety or OCD? In this episode I explore the blurry connection between the medical and mental health world.

As desperate parents we want answers. Quick answers are even better. If is is a medical problem then we can fix it, right? Then maybe things can all go back to normal?

Sadly I have watched two strong camps form. One, who talks in complex medical jargon and offers even more complicated concoctions of treatment and supplements.

And the other camp? Parents and mental health professionals who see those medical issues as rare and those parents as alarmists.

I don’t see this issue from either perspective. In fact, I think it does not behoove us to have camps at all.

In the latest episode of The AT Parenting Survival Podcast I talk about my views on this ever-growing debate and talk about my own personal journey with my three kids.

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Every parent with a child with OCD or anxiety should know and understand PANDAS/PANS. The idea that a strep infection can cause OCD symptoms should be clearly understood.