Reduce Anxiety in Kids with Visual Imagery

You are at your wit’s end. Your child’s mind is spinning out of control. It is waaay past her bedtime. “But what if…” you hear her little voice start to say. “Enough! Just go to bed!” You shout, feeling guilty before you even finish your sentence. How can you get that little mind to stop? What can reduce anxiety in kids?

Dealing with anxiety in kids can be exhausting. Their minds like to race. Learn how to teach them visual imagery to slow it down.


Maybe I can help? I am a big fan of teaching kids to tackle their thoughts behind their anxiety. But once that is done, kids need a go-to distraction. One of my favorite approaches is teaching kids how to make, what I call, a world. It is a great visual imagery tool that can be very effective!

Let me tell you how to get it started. Anxiety in kids is not easy and you need all the tools you can fit into that parental toolkit. Here’s a good one.


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Do you want to help a child with anxiety? Life offers them two doors. Behind door #1 is fear, avoidance and misery. Behind door #2 is fear, bravery and determination. What door does your anxious child pick? What door do you pick for them?


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