OCD and Anxiety Games, Tricks & lies: Teaching Kids to Not Fall for Them!

Anxiety and OCD fill your child’s mind with lies and games. It will often tell your child that no one will understand. That no one will help. That parents, relatives, therapists and friends can’t help – won’t help. That they are not on the child’s “side.” “It is us against them,” anxiety and OCD will whisper. Keep it to yourself. No one will understand. People will think you are crazy, weird, disturbed. These OCD and anxiety games, tricks and lies will deflate kids and suck out any trace of motivation they might have had to crush these issues.

OCD and anxiety games, lies and tricks play a big part in disempowering kids. This week’s kid’s youtube video teaches kids how OCD and anxiety sell them lies and why they shouldn’t take the bait.

Do you have a child who is struggling with these OCD and anxiety games and lies?

This week’s episode on Ask the Child Therapist Kid’s Edition is talking directly to your kids about how anxiety and OCD spin these lies to keep them unmotivated to work on these issues.

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