Don’t Let Anxiety and OCD Bully You. You have More Power than You Think.

Is anxiety and OCD bullying your child? Do you find your child spends much of their time avoiding fears and giving in to their anxiety or OCD bully? Families can feel like they are held hostage by anxiety and OCD. It can feel like every decision, every activity is controlled by this outside force.

Don’t let your kids be bullied by anxiety and OCD any longer! Show them my YouTube video that talks about how to fight back. Let the battle begin!

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it is important that your child can see that taking back power is the way to emotional freedom! So how do you do that? Especially if your child is paralyzed with fear or shutdown and won’t talk about it?

Show them my new YouTube series, Ask the Child Therapist – Kids Edition. This YouTube series talks directly to kids and teens about their anxiety and OCD. It teaches them what it is and how to crush it.

This week I am talking to kids about being emotionally bullied by anxiety and OCD. I am arming them up to fight. Motivating them to take this beast on. Showing them how to take back control one anxious thought at a time. Be sure to subscribe, as new videos for kids and teens will come out each week.

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The first step in helping a child with OCD is learning how to empower your child, but not your child’s OCD. Let me show you how.

Anxiety wants victims. Don’t sit back and watch your child be dominated by anxiety. Empower your child to fight anxiety and take back their life!

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