Helping Kids Who have All or Nothing Thinking

Do you have a child with all or nothing thinking? If you do, you know what a rollercoaster ride that can be!

I am having the WORST day ever! Fast forward two hours. I am having the BEST day ever! It is enough to give anyone whiplash. Seriously.

Do you have a child with all or nothing thinking? They are having the WORST day. This is the BEST day. Let me teach you how to help a child who only sees things in black and white.

Many kids with anxiety and OCD have all or nothing thinking. They see things as black or white and there is no grey to be found.

This can be exhausting on many levels. First, it is sad to see your child ride the rollercoaster of emotions all day long. Second, it is frustrating to parent a child who has such a skewed view of life. Right?

So where to start?

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As a mom to a couple of all or nothing kids, I get this on a personal level. I want the world to be full of rainbows and butterflies, but my kids often see rain clouds and moths.


Here’s what helps at my house and what I tell families in my therapy practice. Maybe it will help your family as well.


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