Helping Kids with OCD Realize Reassurance Can be a Compulsion

The compulsion is disguised as reassurance. You think you are talking to your child, but you are really talking to OCD.

“Will I get sick if I…”

“Am I a bad person if I…”

“Do I have a fever…”

“Did you touch that?”

“Can that hurt me…”

“What if I called you a bad name in my head?”

The list can go on and on. The hard part is getting kids to see that when we answer these questions, we are partnering with their OCD.

Reassurance is one of the most commonly missed compulsions. In this week’s kids YouTube video I explain how this works.

In this week’s kids youtube video, I am talking to kids about how OCD hides behind these questions and silently grows through reassurance.

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Want to Further Help Your Child or Teen with OCD?

So much of getting OCD under control is empowering your child to help themselves.

This can be done by helping them understand how OCD works. By teaching them the steps to do exposures and by doing the opposite of what OCD wants them to do.

It’s also about you learning YOUR role in the whole process. What things can you do to make your child’s OCD better and what things should you avoid doing.

In my on-demand, online class, Teach Your Kid to Crush OCD, I walk you through those steps in quick, easy, short video lessons. To learn more click here.