How to Advocate for Your Child in School | 504 Plan for Anxiety & OCD

Anxiety and OCD can bully their way into our children’s education. It can create anxiety when it comes to going to school, it can create anxiety while at school and it can be a minefield of triggers for a child with OCD. So where do you even start advocating for your child. And how do you know when it is time to get a 504 plan for anxiety or OCD?

If your child has needs that aren’t being addressed at school you might need to do a 504 plan for anxiety or OCD. But where do you begin?

That can be hard. Especially when many of our kids look on the outside like they are holding it all together? Anxiety and OCD can cause our kids to silently suffer, leaving teachers and school administrators clueless of the storm that is brewing underneath.

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast episode I am talking to Kori from the site Kori at Home. She has had plenty of experience advocating for her children in the school system, and now she is making it part of her mission to share her wisdom with other parents. Check out her online class Advocacy: The Parent’s Journey

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Kids suffering with OCD and anxiety in school are often ignored or misunderstood. Learn how anxiety and OCD pops up at school and what people can do to help.