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PSP 115: Helping Kids with Moral OCD

PSP 115: Helping Kids with Moral OCD

Hearing your child confess thoughts that do not make sense can be heartbreaking. Moral OCD is one of the most confusing OCD themes a parent, and for that matter, a child, can experience. Kids with Moral OCD are bombarded with thoughts.

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Helping Kids with OCD Handle Over Wiping After Going to the Bathroom

Helping Kids with OCD Handle Over Wiping After Going to the Bathroom

There is a common OCD problem that no one likes to talk about – over wiping.

OCD loves to make our kids doubt. Doubt their safety, doubt their cleanliness and doubt their completenessdoubt their completeness.

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PSP 114: Supporting Dads Raising Anxious Kids with Larry Hagner

PSP 114: Supporting Dads Raising Anxious Kids with Larry Hagner

No one thinks they are going to be raising anxious kids. We all have our vision of what parenting will be. It usually does not involve a child with panic, fear and dread.

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The Face Behind AT Parenting Survival for All Ages




My name is Natasha Daniels and I am a Child Therapist and mother to three vibrant, challenging and insightful children who keep me on my toes! I have spent the last thirteen years working with children and families in my private practice Hill Child Counseling.

Kids are my passion – especially anxious kids and kids with OCD. Having been an anxious kid and now raising three anxious kids of my own, I get anxiety and OCD on a very personal level. I have dedicated my practice and my writing to helping kids with anxiety/OCD and their families. 

I am the author of Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide and How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler. I am the creator of and AT Parenting Survival Courses for Anxiety and OCD. My work has been featured on various sites including Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and The Mighty.

I am humbled to have millions of parents, therapists and educators visit my site each year. The more education we can spread about childhood mental health, the better all our children will do!

I am an active member of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) and have attended both the Behavior Therapy Training Institute’s (BTTI) general advanced OCD training and their pediatric advanced training taught by the top OCD researchers in the field. 

Follow my work and subscribe to my podcast, my Youtube Channel. Join me in my Private Facebook Group for parents raising kids with anxiety and OCD.




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Child Therapist’s Ultimate List of Products to Help Reduce Child Anxiety

As a child therapist and mom to three anxious kids, I am constantly looking for products to help child anxiety. Here are my recommendations along with how they can be used.

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Life can be hectic. Who has time to read or go visit a professional these days? Watch some quick 5 to 15 minute parenting videos taught by a child therapist on anxiety and body safety.

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Are you looking for parenting support? Anxious Toddlers e-courses are taught by a child therapist at your own speed, when YOU have the time.