Video Lesson: Parenting Tips on How to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Take this quick video course and learn how to prevent child sexual abuse.

As parents we cannot always prevent sexual abuse, but there are ways we can arm and prepare our children to know the warning signs to look for and how to get out of uncomfortable situations.


As parents, we can learn the signs of child grooming and be more aware of relationships that raise red flags. Take a few minutes to watch these short 3 minute video lessons and give your family a little added protection. Click here to start your lesson.




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10 responses to “Video Lesson: Parenting Tips on How to Prevent Sexual Abuse”

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this important video and information. I am sure this crosses the mind of every parent. Especially those who were abused themselves. I have started talking about this issue with my little ones and am always having them use the correct names for their body parts for I read somewhere that sometimes if they know the correct name of their private parts that it can ward off predators. I also make sure they know that they should never keep a secret from mommy. That they can tell mommy anything and she will not be mad at them. Thanks again for sharing this with #momsterslink. You will be my feature post this week as I believe this is a very important message.
    Trista, Domesticated Momster recently posted…#foodpornthursdays #7 June 25, 2015My Profile

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Thanks Trista! I am glad you find it as important as I do. I am excited to hear it will be featured! The more people who are educated on this the better. Sounds like you are doing a great job teaching your kiddos!

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  5. […] Video: Teach Your Child How to Prevent Sexual Abuse […]

  6. Adrianne says:

    I have a lot of reservation with a title that suggests children can be educated in a way to prevent being sexually abused. This is not the responsibility of a child and children often do not disclose abuse because they knew it was wrong and felt guilty for not stopping it. Too many parents believe their kids would be able to prevent abuse because they taught them body safety.

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Hi Adrianne – I completely agree and I am sorry you feel my title puts the responsibility on the child. I do, however, feel like educating kids makes them more likely to disclose abuse and/or tell parents when someone makes them uncomfortable. In my practice I have a disproportionate amount of children who were never educated on body safety – so knowledge can help. I do have an article on child grooming that is geared towards parents and what steps they can take to protect their children. Unfortunately no one can fully prevent sexual abuse – but we can at least arm ourselves – and our children – with knowledge.

      • Adrianne says:

        As a fellow advocate, I have found that in many cases where the child was educated and still abused, the parent failed to talk to those they trusted with their children – the perpetrators were never even aware that the family had body safety rules and therefore felt more confident in perpetrating. Feather Berkower of Parenting Safe Children focuses on adult to adult conversations and minimizing risk are more likely to reduce risk, which I too, believe are essential.

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