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Stranger danger isn't cutting it. Learn these great tips to keep your kids safe!

Beyond Stranger Danger: 6 Off the Wall Tips That Can Save Your Kid’s Life

Stranger danger doesn’t cut it. Sometimes it’s not strangers – and kids don’t always know they are in danger.   The likelihood of this...

Parenting Approaches

The vision of your kids being best friends has come to a screeching halt. You spend your days breaking up fights. Time to stop the madness! Here are 4 ways to end sibling rivalry.

Tired of Feeling Like a Referee? 4 Ways to End Sibling Rivalry

You had envisioned many things when you decided to add more children to your family. You had images of brother and sisterly love. You...

Parenting Information

Do you worry about whether your children are meeting their developmental milestones. Here is a great reference listed by age.

Are Your Children Meeting All Their Developmental Milestones? Red Flags by Age

Do you find yourself constantly assessing if your children are meeting all of their developmental milestones? Why isn’t he walking? Shouldn’t he be talking...

Anxiety Articles

Do you have an anxious teen? Here are 10 ways to help them!

10 Ways to Help Your Anxious Teen

Amanda Patterson, LMHC, CAP from Caring Therapists of Broward joins us to discuss how to help your anxious teen! Anxiety is a normal part of life....

Child Safety

5 unsuspecting household dangers that can harm your kids. We all have them in our homes!

Top 5 Unsuspecting Household Dangers that can Hurt Your Kids

When you found out you were pregnant you probably did what most of us do. You covered all electrical outlets, you put baby locks...

Parenting Video Lessons

These are the best parenting lessons I have seen! Great quick videos on how to parent an anxious child.

Parenting Anxious Kids |Video Course

Click the picure below to start the journey and begin your Video Course: Do you struggle with how to parent anxious kids? Do typical...

Confessions of a Child Therapist

Do you beat yourself about being an introverted mom. It is time to embrace your personality! I did!

Do You Beat Yourself Up About Being an Introverted Mom?

The signs were all there. I never had a large group of friends. You name the year and I can tell you who was...

Parenting Humor

This is so funny! Mommy guilt is so unfair!

Here’s your Motherhood. Would you Like a Side of Guilt with That?

Before I had children I was given many warnings about motherhood.   I was warned about the jello stomach I would get after delivery....

From the Toddler's Point of View

If you have a shy kid you have to read this letter.

Dear Mom and Dad, It’s Me – Your Shy Kid. A Letter Every Parent Should Read.

  Being born a shy kid is tough at times. Add an outgoing parent to the mix and it might be a squeamish existence. It...

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