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As a parent we worry about many behaviors, most of which are common and will pass. Here are ten behaviors that would concern even a child therapist.

Ten Behaviors That Would Worry Even a Child Therapist!

As parents we worry, that is what most of us do. But how do you differentiate what behaviors are common and what behaviors are...

Teen Articles

I wish everyone had the characteristics of anxious teens. Behind the worries and fears are the most thoughtful, kind hearted people.

Why the World Needs More Anxious Teens

I know what you are thinking. Seriously, how can anyone wish for that?! Who wants a world full of suffering teens who are ridden...

Toddler Articles

Toddlers learn important developmental lessons through tantrums. Learn what they are and how you can help them learn those lessons fast!

Why Toddler Tantrums are Necessary and How to Survive Them!

Got Toddler Tantrums? In your single days – you were the woman who glared at the flailing child in the middle of the aisle....

Anxiety Articles

You are ready for school to start. Your kid is ready to puke. First day of school worries are common. Ease your child's nerves with these helpful tips.

How to Calm First Day of School Worries

You survived. It was touch and go at times, but you made it through another summer with the kids. As you excitedly scamper around...


Working or parenting kids with ADHD can be exhausting, especially if you have the wrong expectations. Here are some expectations that people should throw out the window - and here is what they should do instead.

5 Unrealistic Expectations People Place on Kids with ADHD

Kids with ADHD If you are raising or working with kids with ADHD you probably have realized that your typical approaches aren’t working with these kids....

Divorce Articles

You fell in love. You decided to get married. You started a stepfamily. Here are five survival tips to get started!

5 Survival Tips to Follow When Starting a Stepfamily

Having a stepfamily is more common than you may think. According to the Stepfamily Foundation, half of the nation’s 60 million children under the...

Child Safety

Any child can be a victim of child sexual abuse. Know what to look for and be informed.

Don’t be Clueless. Learn the Possible Signs of Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse You have concerns. You have suspicions. But, how can you be sure? You want that definitive list. Those definitive signs and behaviors...

Parenting Video Lessons

These are the best parenting lessons I have seen! Great quick videos on how to parent an anxious child.

Parenting Anxious Kids |Video Course

Click the picure below to start the journey and begin your Video Course: Do you struggle with how to parent anxious kids? Do typical...

Confessions of a Child Therapist

My life as a child therapist and mom to anxious kids. Sometimes knowledge is a curse.

My Double Life as a Child Therapist and Mother to Anxious Kids

Parenting can be hard when you know all the signs and symptoms of every childhood mental health disorder. Every behavioral hiccup can be over...

Parenting Humor

Has your world turned upside down since the release of Pokemon Go? Here are 17 signs your family has been hijacked by Pokemon Go! If you understand these 17 signs, you are in trouble!

17 Signs Pokémon Go Has Hijacked Your Family

You can’t go anywhere without the tell-tale signs of Pokémon Go. Dazed, zombie-like people staring at their screens as they walk into walls. Large...